A leading UK property investment and development company

A leading uk property investment and development company

Established in 1978, Town and Country developments is a well-established award-winning property company with multi-discipline property expertise in both residential and commercial property development and investment.

Commercial Property News

Post-Covid, the trend towards home working has caused a massive downturn in city/Town centre office use, and that decline has not shown signs of rectifying itself as quickly as most property and economy commentators anticipated.  Covid. 2020. Lockdown. Town and city centres are empty. Overnight, small businesses that relied on the trade of office workers to keep them open – the lunch shops, cafe bars, street vendors – went out of business. Commercial property leasehold and freehold operations ground to an immediate halt. After all, who needs to buy of

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An Englishman In Miami

An interview with Stevev Taylor, London-based property mogul and entrepreneur for a new business series ‘Celebrating Success’. The first thing that happens, as we’re just settling in for the interview, is a minor alteration of our working title for the interview….‘Formerly London-based’, corrects Steve Taylor, laughing as he does so. And based on his imminent permanent relocation to the glorious and vibrant American City of Miami, that is a fair point to make – and as good a place as any to start. Surely the first question to ask of

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London Property News – November 2023

Residential Property News Update. For all but the wealthiest, the current London Property News does not look great, with residential buyer demand, sales and house prices all continuing to decline as concerns over real-time mortgage affordability continue to spread, thus negatively affecting the once-thriving London real estate market. In fact, mortgage affordability worries are continuing to be the single largest issue to negatively affect the UK’s formerly robust property market, with nearly all parts of the UK seeing house prices retreat, but London and the South seem to be hardest

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Investing in US Commercial Property

Investing in commercial property has long been recognized as a lucrative opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and generate substantial returns. In recent years, the US commercial property market has emerged as a particularly attractive destination for both domestic and international investors.

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Stephen Taylor
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The British Economy vs. the Housing Market: A Critical Analysis of Their Interplay

The relationship between the British economy and the housing market is a topic of great interest and importance. As two interconnected sectors, any changes or fluctuations in the British economy can have a significant impact on the housing market, and vice versa. Understanding this relationship is crucial for economists, policymakers, investors, and individuals looking to buy or sell property.

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